Coronavirus (Covid-19) Resources & Support

Coronavirus (CoVid-19) Resources & Support

Our efforts with Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources and Support is to provide people from the South-Asian communities  with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) family and friends, caregivers and providers with the support they need in this COVID-19 pandemic. We will continue to motivate and maintain a positive attitude and provide assistance in this dire time of need. 

Our resources below are provided in Bengali and English to reduce and overcome the language barrier South Asian Americans experience. 
We are currently hosting monthly webinars with topics like Coronavirus (COVID 19) and Vaccinations. This program is sponsored by the NYS Developmental Disability Planning Council (DDPC).

For queries and issues please email us at or call us at 
347 873 9962


New York State COVID-19 Updates

COVID-19 Economic Relief
Unemployment Assistance:
Stimulus Checks:

Free Moderna Vaccinations

ASHO and Effective Healthcare Medical PC are collaborating to bring you free, reliable, and safe Moderna Vaccinations!
We’re also providing you with FREE Uber rides to reach the Vaccination centers.
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For more information call 347-873-9962

আমরা চাই তোমরা আসো! 

 Call Us: +347-873-9962 (Bangla/English/Urdu)  or Text:  +516-946-8871   (Hindi/Urdu/Bangla/English)

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